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American Gun Violence and the Early Church on War and Violence

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 3rd October 2017 in Early Church | early church,early church fathers,gun violence,America,mass shooting
..., and the silence from the Church in America is still deafening. You can read more in the link below, but here's a few examples from the early Church with regards to war and violence, and using or owning weapons: “It is not lawful for a Christian to bear arms for any earthly consideration.” — Marcellus ~298 AD “Under no circumstances should a true Christian draw the sword.” — Tertullian 155-230 AD “God wished iron to be used for the cultivation of the earth, and therefore it should not be used to take human life.”  — Cyprian ~250 AD “The servants of God do not rely for their protection on material defenses but on the pi...

Fasting: A spiritual and physical discipline

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 27th May 2019 in Fasting | fasting,didache,discipline,self control,Lent,early church,early church fathers
...on God in silence until you become aware of His presence and His voice (in whatever form that takes, ie. visions, pictures, words etc.), and are filled with the Spirit who can reveal the deeper things of God and Scripture (1 Corinthians 2:10). You can read more on this type of prayer, and it’s Scriptural basis, in my other article: What is Contemplative Prayer?. Pray the ancient “Jesus Prayer”: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” When words fail you and your mind is busy and cluttered, I have found this to be most helpful in stilling and focusing the mind completely on God. This practise dates back to around the 4th century...

Spiritual Disciplines of the Early Church: Ancient Practices for the 21st Century

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 17th June 2019 in Early Church |
...ation and silence. This is likely the least practiced discipline amongst regular Christians. I say “regular” because unless you’re a monk or nun, this is a practice often overlooked — especially in this busy modern life. “Be still, and know that I am God!” Ps. 46:10 A lot of the monastic traditions grew out of learning to be still and quiet before the Lord; from seeking the presence of God; and trying to practice self-denial by being separate from worldliness. That’s why we often find hermits and monasteries in remote, out-of-the-way places. It’s a discipline in itself to just be still and quite for more than five minutes and to truly se...

BOOK REVIEW: Four Views on Hell 2nd edition

Posted by David Jakubovic on 17th March 2021 in Book Review |
...criptural silence on purgatory. Burk notices the sparseness of his scriptural argumentation64, saying that “he gives the reader no reason to believe that the doctrine emerges from Scripture.” (Burk, Four Views, 175) Then he points out its other main flaw: “The doctrine of progressive sanctification after death is deeply unbiblical too.”65 Stackhouse too homes in on Christ’s all-sufficient sacrifice, as he complains: “Protestants are repelled by the notion that any further atonement of any sort is needed for those justified before God through faith.”66 He too emphasizes the absence of biblical support for Walls, further pointing out the Protestant...
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