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The Coming of Jesus: Revelation Fulfilled?

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 31st December 2015 in Second Coming Series | Revelation,Second Coming,Preterism,apocalypse,armageddon,fulfilled prophecy,Return of Christ,Return of Jesus,Eschatology
Don’t let the title put you off, we’re about to go on a mad journey through the annuls of history and the Roman Empire, contrasting what John saw in his vision with what has already played out on the “world’s stage” and what we possibly have to look forward to! First though, let’s look at a little history concerning the book itself before delving into its contents. Why do this? For a couple of reasons really: one, Revelation has some dispute over the year in which it was written, which can impact on the interpretation. Two, at various points in early church history, the book was held in suspicion of being spurious and almost...

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 30th October 2017 in Halloween | halloween,all saints day,all hallows eve,early church,tradition,cultural and society,celebrations,festivals,holidays,holy day
...f look at history, Hallowe’en celebrations originally had nothing to do with anything remotely Celtic. As far as Irish and Celtic origins go, we have still in existence a few Irish sources from around 830 AD which tell us that there was a feast “of all the Saints of the whole of Europe” on April 20th (Martyrology of Tallaght) This should offer us some evidence that the Irish Christians celebrated All Saints Day (and the eve before) around the time of the original decree by Pope Boniface IV, as the news of the new date of November 1st had yet to reach Ireland from Rome. Plus there’s also evidence that the name “Samhain” didn’t appear until the 10t...

Christians and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 20th March 2020 in Coronavirus | (infographic) (Cyprian, On Mortality) (Dionysius, Epistle 12: To the Alexandrians)

Does Easter Have Pagan Origins?

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 22nd March 2021 in Easter | Easter,easter sunday,early church,church history,paganism,pagan roots,Ishtar,Eostre,fertility goddess
...cument in history mentions or gives credence to a goddess by this name. Even if Bede was correct and there was some minor and relatively unknown goddess associated with the Spring equinox, it’s a rather large leap to assume that the 8th century Christian Church was somehow influenced enough by European “paganism” to incorporate (or blend) the Eostre tradition into itself when the actual Easter/Pascha festival had been celebrated since the second century at the very least. If we look closer, the older root of the word Eostre simply means “East” or “dawn” in some other renditions, according to An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, Este...

Should Christians get tattoos, and is it Biblical?

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 31st August 2019 in Tattoos | tattoos,church history,Basil the Great,Leviticus,Old Testament As close as a source as I can find for this Basil quote, and the quote from the Church Council, is from a book called: Tattoo history: a Source Book: an Anthology Of Historical Records Of Tattooing Throughout the W...

The Coming of Jesus: The Olivet Discourse – Part 2

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 3rd February 2016 in Second Coming Series | Second Coming,Return of Christ,Return of Jesus,Preterism,Prophecy,Last Days,Left Behind,Eschatology,Matthew 24,Olivet Discourse,Josephus,history,Part 2,Desolation,Temple Destruction,Jewish War,70AD
...r time in history, other than the time in which Jesus is speaking of!   The book of Malachi speaks of the coming of the Lord to his people, and the messenger which he will send first (Mal 3:1), which will lead up to God bringing judgement on the nation (Mal 3:5). The book ends with a prophetic statement about this “Day” which says more explicitly that God will send “Elijah” to his people before the judgement comes. Malachi 4:5 Lo, I will send you the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.   Jesus confirms this as the time of Malachi’s fulfillment in Matt 11:7-11 where he says that John the Baptist is “the one...
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