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7 things the Lord hates (spoiler: questioning doctrine isn't one of them)

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 2nd May 2014 in Christianity | gay marriage,homosexuality,Jars of Clay,Dan Haseltine,controversy,in the news,ethics,morality,justice
...means the ethics and morals often go against what secular culture says and approves of. Just look at the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. Everything Jesus says to do it practically the opposite of what you'd expect or want to do!   You've got no food – don't worry and trust God. Someone slaps you in the face – offer them another go. Forced to do something for another – carry on beyond expectations. Persecuted and hated by people – go and pray for them instead of retaliating.   And of course, above all, love your neighbour. That sums it all up. Laws and politics may (and probably o...