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Is fasting an expectation for Christians?

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 29th February 2020 in Fasting | fasting,Lent,Ash Wednesday,self control,self denial

Lent: Day 1 - The didache

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 2nd March 2017 in Lent | Lent,great lent,fasting,early church fathers,devotional,daily reading,didache
...Day One: the didache (in full) Who: Written by an anonymous author, possibly multiple sources compiled into one book at a later date. The title translates as “the teaching”, or in its full tithe: Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. What: The didache is basically a church handbook with a summarised collection of the basic teachings of the Church and Gospel, aimed at local church leaders and new converts. Why: Tradition has it as being a collection of the apostles teachings, so it was probably written to preserve this information as they grew older or died, or moved away from the communities they planted. When: Between 70-100 AD The didache is one of my...

The Coming of Jesus: The Olivet Discourse – Part 2

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 3rd February 2016 in Second Coming Series | Second Coming,Return of Christ,Return of Jesus,Preterism,Prophecy,Last Days,Left Behind,Eschatology,Matthew 24,Olivet Discourse,Josephus,history,Part 2,Desolation,Temple Destruction,Jewish War,70AD

The Eighth Day

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 26th October 2016 in Eschatology | eighth day,early church,new creation,baptism,resurrection,eschatology,sabbath,Lord's Day,Festival of Booths Sabbath was for Isreal:

Lent: Intro - 40 Day Reading Plan with the Fathers

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 1st March 2017 in Lent | Lent,great lent,fasting,early church fathers,devotional,daily reading
...This year for Lent I'm following a reading plan which comprises of a collection of extracts from various early church fathers writings. Each day I'm going to write a short overview and any thoughts on the text and link back to the source material so you can also follow along with me too, if you'd like. The overview of each day will probably be posted on the day after. The reading should only take 10-15 minutes of your time, and by day 40, you will have read ten different Fathers: didache, Diognetus, Polycarp, Ignatius, Justin Martyr, Cyprian, Athanasius, Cyril of Jerusalem, Ambrose of Milan, and Leo the Great. I'll be reading from the “Church Fathers Lenten...

Fasting: A spiritual and physical discipline

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 27th May 2019 in Fasting | fasting,didache,discipline,self control,Lent,early church,early church fathers
...://  Lent Reading/Devotional Plan: My Book series: 40 Days with the Fathers Full texts:    ...
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